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We are introducing Porcelain Benchtops into Australia!

An ancient material developed with new technology!  and having been extending it’s application widely to benchtops and counter tops. DJ Stone is the pioneer introducing this beautiful product to Australia home owners.  it is now dominating the high end of the benchtop market in Melbourne.

Porcelain slowly developed in China for over a thousand years, spread to Asia, Europe and all around the world.  It’s strict production process limited it’s use to small wares for centuries. However, with the development of the new technology, the limitation was broken through in recent years.

Hardness of porcelain exceeds that of igneous rocks such as granite. Porcelain is made of natural raw materials by special technology. With the help of more than 36,000 tons of pressure and NDD technology, after being flamed over 1,200℃, it can stand all kinds of high – strength processing of super – sized new stone materials.

Porcelain Benchtops are now dominating the high end of the Melbourne benchtop market.

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Porcelain – New generation of surface material for your

  • Benchtop
  • Splash back
  • Vanity top
  • Table
  • Wall Cladding

and more!

porcelain island and wall cladding
porcelain top and spalshback
porcelain panel

Finished Jobs Recently

Riversdale Road Camberwell (Porcelain Calacatta Island benchtops and splashback )

Porcelain Calacatta Island benchtops and splashback Camberwell

Weybridge St Surry Hills(Porcelain Island )

Porcelain personalized Benchtop -Weybridge St Surry Hills

Bright Street, Brighton East (Porcelain splashback)

Porcelain Bianco Carrara splashback
Porcelain Bianco Carrara splashback

Weybridge St Surry Hills(Personalized Sink Hole )

Porcelain Benchtop customized sink hole-Weybridge St Surry Hills

Weybridge St Surry Hills(Porcelain Benchtop )

Porcelain Benchtop L shape-Weybridge St Surry Hills

Porcelain Calacatta DJ10

Porcelain Calacatta DJ10
Porcelain Calacatta DJ10

Porcelain Calacatta DJ20

Porcelain Calacatta DJ20
Porcelain Calacatta DJ20

Porcelain Calacatta DJ30

Porcelain DJ30
Porcelain DJ30

Porcelain Calacatta Luxe

Porcelain Calacatta Luxe
Porcelain Calacatta Luxe

Porcelain Greek White

Porcelain Greek White
Porcelain Greek White

Porcelain Greek White Island

Porcelain Greek White Island
Porcelain Greek White Island

Porcelain Greek White Table

Porcelain Greek White Table
Porcelain Greek White Table

Check out heat resistance and scratch resistance.


Coming from natural material, being eco-friendly, porcelain is 100% recyclable. Different to other materials, it suit for not only interior benchtops but also exterior surfaces.


At DJ Stone, your job will be Guaranteed, our work all comes with 10 years of material guarantee and 2 years of installation guarantee. We have completed hundreds of projects in Melbourne. Work with DJ Stone, Work with satisfaction! Fast Quote or call 0406 699 086.

Why Porcelain .

As a new material, comparing with other traditional materials, Porcelain has eight advantages:

1. Food grade certified
Passed the CMA/CNAS laboratory food contact material test. It is safe to contact with food directly.

2. Antibacterial and mouldproof
Rich in lanthanoid series of elements, durable antibacterial and mildew proof, 24 hours fungicide rate of more than 99%.

3. Fire resistance and high temperature resistance
Class A1 fire resistant, direct contacting with 1200°C open flame without producing any physical changes.

4. Hard and scratch-resistant
Mohs hardness is more than 5, it is resistant to high strength scratches and attempted scratches.

5. Chemical corrosion resistant
GA, GHA class resistance to chemical corrosion, it is resistant to various solutions, disinfectants and other chemical substances.

6. Resistant to pollution and easy to clean
The non-porous surface is dense and smooth and can be easily cleaned with wet cloth.

7. Versatile
Breaking the application boundary. The design, processing and application are more diverse and extensive to meet high standard needs.

8. Flexible customization
Wide range of color, texture and size options, it is highly customizable to meet various needs.

Safe and hygienic

Safe and hygienic

heat resistant

Heat resistant

porcelain anti stains

Anti stains

scratch resistant

Scratch resistant

chemical proof

Chemical resistant

easy to clean

Easy to clean

multi colors and textures

Wide range of colors and textures