Why Engineered Stone has been Australia’s favourite material for kitchen banechtop?

Engineered Stone, often refered as quartz, is a composite material made of crushed stone bound together by an adhesive. The ratio could be up to over 90% of natural quartz aggregates with polymer resins and pigments.

Engineered stone is factory made in either blocks or slabs.The compressed quartz slabs have similar color and texture to natural stones. They are much harder and non-porous.

Engineered stone has become Australia’s favourite material for kitchen banechtops, splasbacks, vanity tops and other indoor surfaces.

Fabricators cut and polish slabs according to customer’s demands. Final products Assembling conducted at the worksite.

Engineered stone

Advantages :

cost effective

water resistant

Heat resistent

Stain resistant

scratch resistant

Easy to maintain

At DJ Stone Melbourne, we specialize and perfect stone benchtop and stone splashback for existing kitchen renovation and new kitchen installation. More over, we do stone surfaces for your pantry, bathroom, laundry and wherever you want. Please visit our services for more information.